“The king of juggling!”

-Wyatt Cenac

“Jacob D’Eustachio is one of the world’s great young jugglers. He was entirely lovable in the role of Trinculo—whose clowning he embodied in our production of The Tempest—and his performance will be fondly remembered for many years.  Jacob is a dear goofball, profoundly serious about his art form. If you have even a slight chance of seeing Jacob perform, by all means, GO.”
– Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

“Impressive juggling skills.”

-The New Indian Express, Chennai India

“D’Eustachio has the verbosity and humor to entertain any crowd…he returned with a choreographed hat routine full of inventive trickery that sparkles from all angles.” 

–Juggle Magazine

“Jacob D’ Eustachio has an infectious joy that gives energy and life to all he does. He played Trinculo in the record-breaking production of THE TEMPEST for the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival, and was a crowd favorite. Trinculo came to life as a jester, a true saltimbanque, in Jacob’s masterful comedic portrayal, blending both his world-class juggling skills along with an ease of handling the text. I’d work with him again in an instant!”
–West Hyler (Director Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour, the Big Apple Circus)

“Jacob D’Eustachio is a real joy to watch with his infectious enthusiasm and energetic juggling!”

-Jay Gilligan, Performer, Spiegelworld’s Absinthe and Head Teacher of Juggling and Object Manipulation, University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm

“We were impressed by Jacob’s incredible skill…but also particularly taken with his fluidity and ease on the stage in the midst of developing new work, often live in front of an audience for the first time!  His demeanor and positive attitude always came through too, so we’d definitely like to work with him again.”

Ashley M. DeSimone, The Seelig Group, Producer “Mathemagics”  “The Greatest Showman”

“Professional juggler Jacob D’Eustachio plays the clown Trinculo, and his juggling of balls and his tricks with a bowler hat give an often mesmerizing and humorous physicality to the role that illustrates Trinculo’s profession.”
-The South Bend Tribune

“Add to that D’Eustachio’s constant and near perfect demonstration of the art of juggling, all the while maintaining his wily character, and you have a “Tempest” that literally has something for everyone, as evidenced by the reactions of the audience of all ages!”

“A running sequence of clumsy acts by Jacob adds a luscious layer of comedy to the action treat aimed at children”
-The Hindu, Chennai India

“He absolutely mesmerized the crowd by juggling 3-4-5 and eventually 6 tennis-sized balls at once!  One handed, two handed, through his legs, behind his back, over the shoulders, overhead, even turning around while bouncing them off the floor.  A fun, fast-moving feast for the eyes!”

-The Flash List, Dallas TX

“I thank you so much for your time, your energy and your incredible talent.  It was an honor to have you illuminate our stage with your amazing spirit & skill!”

Steve Smith, Creative Director, San Francisco Circus Center and  former Director, Ringling Bros. Clown College

“Comedic juggler Jacob D’Eustachio is quirky, kooky, warm and engaging. His juggling appears effortless, but his talents reflect a lifetime of dedication to his art, and his skills are most impressive!”

Dave SaLoutos, Performance Director, Marketing, and Ringmaster, Circus World Museum

“Jacob delighted our audiences with an infectious energy and amazing juggling skills! A fantastic teammate with a can-do attitude, he was a real asset to our production, both in the ring and backstage.  Highly recommended!”

Kevin Venardos, Founder and Ringmaster, The Venardos Circus 

“Jacob is that rare combination of skilled artisan and jubilant performer who guides his audience on a whimsical juggling journey that results in both smiles and the awesome commodity of wow!”

-Scott O’Donnell, Executive Director, Circus World Museum